Moved my download site onto this server. The downloads are not functional yet because I need to transfer all the files over here.


Updated our kits and npc sections. Come see some new great kits and some great people who will join you in our mod.


We moved!
I was finally sick and tired of lame free web sites and their banners and pop ups. So I spent a little hard earned cash and well here we are at a nice host and our very own domain name.


Well Happy New Year People!
To throw some ideas on our mod. It deals with a dwarven clan, a well known group of wizards and some great magical items. ;)


Today the Chosen of Mystra's site goes up on the Net! We are in the process of making a mod for the game Baldur's Gate 2 Shadows of Amn. There will be new areas, npcs, creatures, items, spells and kits! Wait for future updates to get more of the story.

Want to join a great mod team that has great plans for the IE games and Neverwinter Nights? Apply at our forum today!

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